• Phani Madhav

ArchiveIt – Enabling Success with First-rate Data Quality

Mark is the marketing manager of a large insurance company that uses Salesforce. His company launches several e-mail campaigns to market its products. Of late, the campaigns are not yielding the desired results. Mark conducted a thorough analysis to zero in on the reasons for the unsatisfactory performance of the campaigns. The analysis revealed the culprit – customer data of poor quality. Many records in the organization’s database contained inconsistent and inaccurate information.

Does this story sound familiar? Many marketing teams face problems with data of poor quality in their Salesforce systems. How can this problem be overcome? What does it take for Salesforce users to make sure the databases of their CRM systems are populated only with the right data of high quality? They need to use ArchiveIt, a powerful data archiving and purging tool built by Workbox for the Salesforce platform. Let us now see how this novel application helps ensure data of high quality.

As you can see, ArchiveIt helps you get Salesforce data of high quality, thereby paving the way for the right decisions that result in business success. At Solunus, we can help you utilize ArchiveIt to meet your specific data quality needs. Our rich experience gained helping companies of varied sizes in diverse sectors meet their data requirements enables us to assist you in making the best use of the innovative solution.

Hope you liked the infographic. How do you ensure the high quality of data in your Salesforce system? We’d love to know.