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Deduplicating Salesforce Data with Minimal Effort and Cost

Nathan is the marketing manager of a Seattle-based real-estate company that uses Salesforce. For the past several months, the database of the company’s CRM system is riddled with redundant data. However, Nathan is unable to purge the system of its duplicate records. The reason – he is unable to use the company’s data management tool due to his inability to code.

Willy is the customer-relationship manager of a large multinational bank. Last week, the company ran a data deduplication exercise on its Salesforce system, and the result was catastrophic; the information pertaining to hundreds of thousands of customers was accidentally deleted from the system. Willy is in serious trouble.

Carl manages the sales function of an upcoming online retail organization. The company’s Salesforce database contains several redundant pieces of information, and he spends a lot of time every week, manually identifying duplicate records and cleaning the data. This is telling on his ability to focus on the company’s sales, and recently, he received a negative review from his boss. He is understandably worried.

Do these stories sound familiar? Many users of Salesforce systems face problems in eliminating redundant data. How can businesses cleanse their databases of duplicate data? They need to use ArchiveIt, an easy-to-use data deduplication solution.

What is ArchiveIt?

ArchiveIt is a user-friendly, very affordable data archival and purging solution for the Salesforce platform that enables companies to eliminate their redundant data with minimal effort and cost. The innovative application allows users to create a robust data deduplication framework, ensuring only required data is stored in their Salesforce orgs.

Let us move on to look at the benefits of this innovative application.

Deduplicate Salesforce data without any coding

The market is replete with tools that can be used to remove redundancies in Salesforce databases. However, most of these tools can be used only by people who have good knowledge of coding. Unfortunately, many business users lack the ability to code, and this prevents them from utilizing the tools.

ArchiveIt helps resolve this problem. You need not write a single line of code to use the novel application. All you need to do is just point the mouse and select the records you wish to delete, and then, click to purge them; it is as simple as that.

Purge data redundancies with little effort

Eliminating data redundancies in your Salesforce system can be a long and tedious process. Things only get worse as the volume of data keeps increasing with each passing day. Many Salesforce users spend several hours in a week deduplicating their data and seldom have enough time to carry out other activities.

The advent of ArchiveIt has put an end to these travails. The application allows you to deduplicate the data quickly, with minimal effort. You can set rules to identify data redundancies and eliminate them automatically, enabling you to cut the time needed to manage the data by up to 70%.

Remove duplicate data without burning a hole in the pocket

Most tools used to deduplicate data are very expensive. Companies have to install costly hardware in their premises and spend considerable amounts of money to maintain it. They also need to pay hefty licensing fees to use the tool.

ArchiveIt helps you overcome this challenge very effectively. The application is based in the cloud and helps you remove data redundancies in your Salesforce system with minimal expenditure. You need not install any hardware to use ArchiveIt; all you require is a connection to the Internet. Another key advantage is you can opt to pay for the tool based on its actual usage. This eliminates the need to make lump sum payment of licensing fee and gives you unparalleled pricing flexibility.

Ensure no data is lost during deduplication drives

There is a good chance Salesforce users (or for that matter users of any enterprise software) may accidentally delete marketing and customer data during data deduplication exercises; recovering data deleted from the Salesforce is nearly impossible, and the loss of this critical information can result in irreparable damage.

You can eliminate data redundancies safely using ArchiveIt. The Salesforce data archival and purging tool allows you to create a copy of the data that you wish to deduplicate before launching a data clean up drive. If you delete any records, which should not have been deleted, you can retrieve the same from the data copy.

Eliminate duplicates in Org2Org transfers

It is well-said acquisitions and mergers not only bring businesses together, but also their data; this data could contain redundant information, which could flow into the database of the new corporate entity, leading to various problems.

ArchiveIt helps you prevent the flow of duplicate data into your Salesforce org. When data is transferred from one Salesforce org to another, you can validate the data to ensure there are no redundancies.

Target customers very effectively with the perfect data

We all know marketing efforts of companies are only as good as the quality of the data they are based on. Duplicate records in CRM systems can lead to wastage of precious resources and result in poor targeting of customers. According to IBM, the US economy loses over $3.1 trillion each year, due to data of poor quality and duplicate data is a major contributor to that loss.

You can use ArchiveIt to remove redundant records and improve the quality of data in your Salesforce CRM system; this, in turn, allows you to launch highly effective marketing campaigns and enhance your bottom line quite considerably.

As you can see, ArchiveIt empowers Salesforce users to purge their systems of duplicate data, enabling them to achieve business success. At Workbox, we collaborate with Solunus Inc. to provide you with the perfect solution to meet your Salesforce data quality needs.

Hope you enjoyed this post. How do you deduplicate your Salesforce data? We’d be glad to know.