ArchiveIt is an automated archive and purge policy solution for the Salesforce.com platform.

  • Configure the logic to schedule and identify records needing removing or even replicating to a secured cloud environment. Your implemented Archive and Purge process runs automatically in the background.
  • Easy Access to your Archived data. You can view the archived data in the Archived Data tab. Within the tab, you can query, re-import or permanently purge the data from the archive. Salesforce Lightning Connect is also supported.
  • Improve Data Quality and Data Usage. By removing non-value data, users and marketing programs are much more productive. Users are able to find value add data quicker and marketing programs target appropriate customers using valuable data.

Implement an archive and purge solution for your org within minutes!

  • Point & Click Archive, Purge and Restore Solution – Easy to install & configure
  • Easily access archived data within Salesforce – 100% Native App, No CSV files!
  • Multiple scheduling options – Once, Daily, Monthly, Weekly, Yearly
  • Safe & Secure way to archive and purge data – Safely archive, purge, replicate, recreate data
  • Improve data quality and data usage – Identify & reduce unnecessary data
ArchiveIt 1.7 Press Release


Https SSL is used to transfer data from Salesforce to the application servers running in AWS. From the application servers, the data is transferred to AWS RDS within a secured VPC (Virtual Private Connection) via SSL. The data is then encrypted at rest on the AWS RDS. The reverse is true for retrieving data from AWS to Salesforce. Both the ArchiveIt app and the Secured Cloud Storage have been thoroughly reviewed and passed by the Salesforce security review team enabling us to publish the app on the Appexchange.

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